ST2000DX001 2TB SSHD - Does not spin - Bridge PLL Enable Failed


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my pc started to recognize my ST2000DX001 as 0MB. The disk some times did spin (with a delay) on system startup and some times did not.
After a few days and without doing anything special the Hdd now does not spin and not recognized at all.

i had an exact same pcb with number 100716565 REVA (but from an 1TB hdd) and copied the fw data with a usb eprom programmer but it did not work.

I was planning to transfer the chip to a donor 2TB pcb to see if it is going to make any difference but it has a physical damage from someone that tried to remove it.
Vcc pin is missing but i can still read the data if i need. So i used an usb eprom programmer to read it. The firmware data was backed up and verified before the damage was done.

i am also planning to find a donor pcb but i am not sure what specs it must have to match my disk. (fw, model, pcb number, date...etc)

The terminal output with the original pcb and rom is this

Bridge PLL Enable Failed
Bridge PLL Enable Failed
Bridge PLL Enable Failed
Bridge PLL Enable Failed
ERROR: Flash Led 9C08 - ALF Hardware Initialization Process Failed
Flash HW Init Attempts = 0004

Clump Parametrics:
Clump = C224
DataType =

Bellow are my disk specs and data.
i will appreciate if anyone can guide me what else to do before sending it to a recovery lab.

Thanks in advance.

FW: CC43 (attached)
PCB: 100716565 REVA
PN: 1CM164-500
DATE: 15047
WWN: 5000C50078FE6D54
FW chip: Winbond 25Q80BWS09


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If it is shown as 0mb it is more than likely a firmware fault, although seeing its a SSD it could be a fault with the NAND chip. Best to send it to a Company as this is not a DIY job and will need specialist tools.