ST1000LM035-1RK172 FW EB01 ( unlock )

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Hello guys, im trying unlock this one to solve MCMT table is corrupted, following the MRT video for EB01 instructions and using the ressources provided by MRT ( ... b01-unlock ). After the process, the HDD comes to ready status, but after the commands, the folloying message appears in the terminal :

Overlay PartNum: 01222023
CFW PartNum: 10110154
Overlay CompileDate: 20190122
CFW CompileDate: 20181011

OverlayCompatibilityCheck failed

Unable to load Diag Cmd Processor Overlay

BTW, The HDD info:
DOM 03JUL2019

MRT SW ver

I guess the resource provided by MRT is not valid for this particular Janus ( following the 3 first digits in the serial number ). Anyone here have more resources for unlock this one? Im not finding any firmware resource for this HDD, mainly the loader 3D for MRT.