ST1000LM014 Mid-2015 SSHD Needed

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I'm trying to find a donor for the following drive:

FW: SM36
SN: W7722...
DOM: 07/2015 (date code: 16044)

I actually only need it for a PCB donor since the NAND seems dead. However, every one I've tried so far was just far enough off that the PCB would reject the ROM code, refuse to spin up, and thus I can't clear the NAND. All the drives I've been able to find so far had DOM of Jan 2016 or later.

So I really need to find one that's closer to mid 2015 and has FW SM36.

Anyone have a drive they're willing to sell, or even just rent to me? I only need the PCB for a week and I can fix it and send it back when I'm done if you don't want to outright sell it.