Segate drive ST1000NM0033 crashed heads


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Hi all. Hope anyone can help.
We had the above drive do a massive head crash and we took to professional data recovery. On inspection there was platter damage. They replaced heads with donor and on spin up the heads got damaged again. So essentially gave up.

Is there anything else to try? We actually have these disks from a RAID1 pair so the data is on both drives. Both failed at same time. I know they tried head mapping where heads are turned off or something. But I’m wondering if you can literally just try to only have heads on the best platters and try to recover from only the undamaged platters. I know you need a critical part of the drive ie the areas that control firmware etc. any help is greatly appreciated


If there's platter damage it would be very very hard or impossible to do.
Need to know what drive is and where's the damage.