Seagate LM Slim HDD Head Swap Tools are Available


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Seagate LM Slim HDD Head Comb Suite.Standard is the latest metal head comb suite specially designed for Seagate laptop SLIM hard drives with 1 platter 2 heads and 2 platters 4 heads and these heads park on one external ramp.

This head comb suite adopts high-precision design with 304 stainless Steel material. The most important, the head combs keep automatic parallel to the head arms when the heads are separately securely and the head comb will lock the heads properly without any unallowed movement. This is to ensure the platter will not be scratched due to any minor angles between the head combs and arms.

Seagate LM Slim HDD Head Comb Suite.Standard contains two head combs:

ST Slim 2H, used for Seagate slim hdds with 2 heads;
ST Slim 4H, used for Seagate slim hdds with 4 heads.

Both names are clearly and properly put on the head comb itself, when users get the head combs, it is super easy to learn which head comb is for 2 heads’ Slim HDDs and which head comb is for 4 heads’ slim HDDs.



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Nice to see some official representation from DFL here. I've changed your status to "official representative" so no one bothers you if you want to promote your products on here.

SPAM isn't prohibited here as long as it's data recovery related and all honest. Just don't be surprised if you also get some honest criticism and feedback on your products. The guy at hddsurgery couldn't take criticism and started lashing out at people (myself included) who had things to say about his products. It finally resulted in their company being banned. As long as you're open to constructive criticism though, you can feel free to talk about your products as much as you want here.

Even keyword anchored link dropping is allowed so long as it's kept to a reasonable level and in appropriate threads.


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Hi Jared, thanks very much for your kind remind, we really appreciate it. We’d like to use this platform to share with data recovery engineers the useful technology/skills and new products.

Every product in market has their own pros and cons, none are 100% perfect. We will be glad to take all the positive suggestion and critics based on real facts.

Besides, DFL has been working harder and striving for better. Bring users with the best products and keep them happy are always our first and foremost goal. We will keep doing it. Thank you again.