Seagate Date Code Conversion Translation Tool

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Here's a little excel tool I built to convert Seagate date codes into actual dates:


Hope it helps someone who's having difficulty understanding how the code works.

The basic formula is:

First Two Digits = Year (E.G. 08 = 2008 However it's the fiscal year starting the first Saturday in July of the previous year, strange I know)
Next Two Digits = Week of year (numbered 1-52)
Last Digit = Day of Week (numbered 1-7)

The calculator basically splits up the digits, then starting from the first Saturday in July of the year adds 7 days for each week and one day for each day of the week in the code. Then it subtracts 8 days since the code really starts on week 1 day 1, not week 0 day 0.


That's the one I've been using, which I got from a colleague. I didn't realize he got it from HDDGuru (thanks to eignstein9).


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Thanks for the Date Code conversion calculator. It helped me out so I would like to return the favor.

In your note you said you couldn't find a mathematical way to determine the first Saturday of July, so I came up with one for you (see below). Basically it starts with the 1st of July and then adds as many days as necessary to move it to the first Saturday. If July 1 is a Saturday, it adds 0 days.

July1st = July 1, YY-1
1stSatInJuly = July1st + Mod(7 - Mod(July1st, 7), 7)

In Excel:
Mod(7 - Mod(July1st, 7), 7)

Will return:
0, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri respectively


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Thanks for that.

The formula actually had to be typed as:

=Mod((7 - Mod(E7, 7)), 7)

Where E7 was a cell which concatenated "7/1/" with the year from the date code.

I always figured it was possible to do, I was just too lazy to figure out the math. Didn't think to use the Mod function for a date.


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Now, my tool is actually better than the one on HDDGuru because I actually built in a logic function to determine the correct century.

Just in case anyone has a 1999 drive using this date code system. :lol: