Samsung 250GB SSD freezes computer on plugging in

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Good Evening,

i recently got a damaged SSD from my father and he asked me if i can do anything to rescue data.
I said i give it a try and plugged it into my Cradle and connected it via USB to my windows PC.
First the Windows Explorer froze and then the whole OS.
So I tried to clone the disk with my Disk cloning station but it didn't start (cloning indicators wont turn on as usual)
Then I booted my Ubuntu and tried to start Gparted and Testdisk, which stuck in the analyzing of disks.
Then my whole Ubuntu installation froze.
So I tried to boot up the Seagate Disk Analyzer OS, which would not boot with the disk plugged in.
Normally I would put every Information I get from disk analyzing in a question like this, but as I get no response and everything freezes, so I can get no information about the disk.
Is there any trick I could use to get any tool to recognize the SSD?
This is my first question in this forum, so feel free to call me out about any missing information I could provide.


Perhaps we could start by your providing the full model of the SSD. The odds are, the SSD is in a safe firmware safe mode due to damaged firmware stored on the NAND. Assuming that it is a model that is supported by PC3000 SSD, it might be recoverable by a professional data recovery lab with the necessary tools and knowledge needed.