SA SPT (aerial density) of WD Families

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Jared":3jccrcr5 said:
[post]15029[/post] Mariner - 1095 (note some are actually Mariner5 family which are 877 - Same PC3K Util)

I have that drives / SPT (According to MRT)

WD3200BMVW-11A1CS0 /899
WD6400BEVT-60A0RT0 /909
WD5000BEVT-75A0RT0 /1095

WD5000BMVW-11GNWS0 /885

so I am matching SPT with drive by drive for HEAD sellect. Not just according to family. (killed many donors before . lol)


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Hi guys,

You are missing KOJN_RE in the list, SA SPT is 1920 (read by pc-3000 not mrt ;)).
I won't spam for another post with Cross Compatible WD Families but I think is safe to add that info there as well.
Vivaldi drive - WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 - patient.
Kojn_re - WD4001FAEX-00MJRA0 - donor, with WD Black label.
I used kojn_re drive for a head swap with Vivaldi and successfully imaged drive.