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Hello Guys,
I received a SEAGATE with a abnormal ROM, when I read it, I was surprised to see that in first page both csiD was replace by BADS (First time i see that). First i thought that customer has done something or has given it to "specialist" ;-)
I saw on different forum that other people has also this error. So i first try F3romExplorer and see that there was sone errors. I put the result in attach with a view of the first page of rom and finaly the ROM.
Does someone know this problem ? I am interrested to know how this error comes ? and of course an idea of what i can do. I am using for the first time F3romexplorer so i don(t know how to use it but i have a complete Ace solution.
Many thanks


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If you have PC-3000 you can try reading the RAP + CAP + SAP parameters, and then infusing those into a same FW version ROM. Might result in a working ROM code for your drive.

I've never seen this either. Not sure if it's sabotage, or just some random code.