RAP Subfile Error 2019 then LED00000CC then Reset


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Hello everyone.

I am facing this with Seagate ST9500325AS 5400.6 waytt family hard drive.

Initialy when i recieved this hdd it was partial accessed hdd. only 6% accessable. its Head 0 was not working and head 3 was week. i was not able to read the sys files also. i have the modules backup only. when i try to regenerate the translator of this hdd it gives RAP Subfile error 201b. it does not regenerate translator.

then I replaced Head with doner drive. it gives direct RAP Subfile Error 2019 then LED:000000CC FAddr:0027271F and Hard drive reset.

Anyone have any idea what is the issue. Hdd platter has no visible scratches. i have change the Head 2 Times. Error Remain the Same.

Kindly Help.


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