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Not that I'm even considering buying one, but just out of curiosity. Has anyone actually tried these new tablet integrated looking data recovery tools from Salvation Data?



Just to see what they could say, I sent them an email asking for prices, specs, etc.
Nothing until now.


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you wil need to wait for some time :)
There are some visible activities on website, and also some people from sd are back to skype, but no response(email, skype,..)
Good luck :)


So, those guys offered a 30 day trial of this tool. I have to pay 150$ for shipping and if I want it, the cost is 15.000$ :shock: :shock:
Are they mad???
With 15k, I buy another UDMA.....


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Jared":mg20k05t said:
[post]5322[/post] Though this page does have what looks to be some real pictures of it
you know what
let's say for the sake of argument that itis real and worth 15K
but who can guarantee that they will not vanish into the thin air a week/month/year from now and leave us with a box gatherng dust on the shelf, with no updates/tech support ETC.