New 4.70 firmware and DRE available


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I would expect nothing less, I bet it costs you a small fortune to update all those bad boys :)
The annual support and updates is only $350/year/system, I do believe.

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Could you give an insight into having the technicians license in R-Studio and what the means for the DDI ? You're the only person I know who's got one. Does it mean you can use R-Studio instead of DRE ? Are there some special benefits for it ?
The license is expensive and I can't splash out on that just to find out I have no use for it.
DRE is a basic file system recovery program, designed with the assumption that the file structure is relatively healthy. With R-Studio, you have the power of R-Studio's ability to handle many different file systems. I've also used R-Studio where I have a drives connected to different DDI systems and then use R-Studio to reconstruct the RAID, mirroring sectors as needed.

I wish that the R-Studio team would step things up and provide more logic based on their ability to cross reference the sector map and the files. That is, R-Studio will show if a file has been full imaged or has bad sectors, but you cannot search and select only good files or damaged files in R-Studio in the advanced filters they have. I've been asking for this feature for several years, and it seems to fall on deaf ears.

Unless you have multiple DeepSpar units, I probably wouldn't feel motivated for the tech license of R-Studio, though you should technically have that license anyway if you are using R-Studio as a data recovery professional.


To be honest since you taught me how to use the DRE to split good from bad I quite like using the DRE now and I really like its simple but effective file list generator (ace-labs should adopt that script too).

Doesn't sound like I would get much use from it then, I only see HFS+, APFS, FAT32, NTFS and Ext2/3/4 and Ive pretty much got those covered. Maybe I will consider the tech license for R-Studio one day, if they implement your suggestions, no point having garbage files mixed in with the good. Although, its nice to be able to select don't recover 0Kb files, but not all damaged files are 0kb.

I was thinking about getting the DE RAID edition for the 3K for RAID cases as Ive only 1 DDI networked.


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[post]12449[/post] Maybe I will consider the tech license for R-Studio one day,

From a legal standpoint, the licensing of R-Studio only allows doing recoveries for pay if you have the Technician's License. Otherwise, you're technically supposed to only use it for personal or inter-company recoveries. It's not something they're able to enforce, and I'm sure that hundreds if not thousands of companies are using it for commercial use w/o the tech license.

But, that was a big motivation for me as well to buy the technician's license. It's also nice that with a tech license you're allowed to install on all your computers and on all three operating systems.


To be honest I'm not using it that often these days, I do have 3 or 4 paid versions across 2 platforms but until recently I can't remember the last time I used it. The PC3K does most of my jobs and those it can't do get done on the DDI/DRE. I think I use Recovery Explorer Std more than R-Studio now (you watch, I'll have to use R-Studio now, more in the remainder of this month than the entire past year :lol:)

That being said, I am playing around with what does better RAW recoveries, R-Studio or the 3K and I find that R-Studio does do an impressive job (still undecided which is better for that task though).