Need to log in every visit


Jared":17j66t8p said:
Actually it seems to be just this computer, and not just my site. Hddguru and even Google are both constantly logging me out on this machine both in Firfox and in Chrome. But on my other workstations it's fine... stupid Windows updates are probably the cause. I usually keep them off but I wanted my free Win 10 upgrade on this machine.
I no longer have to log in each visit, since I fixed the link on my Favourites bar. However, I now have to log into some other sites that I never used to have to log into each visit, and I don't have Win 10 option reserved (because my Windows update is borked). I must say, clearing my cookies was a mistake, as it has been a PITA to have to log into every site for which I had cookies, and some of them are not in LastPass. Won't do that again for a while.


LarrySabo":1s9afmvc said:
Won't do that again for a while.
next time delete only the cookie(s) related to the site you having troubles with (at least this is what i'm doing)