Need help, corrupted SD card

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Hello all hope you're doing well, would really appreciate your help. I have an SD card on my android phone that corrupted(images became black and won't load). I quickly took it out from my phone and backed it up with ddrescue, I now have a .dd file. After examining the sd card through test disk and r-studio no partitions show up. I've also tried to scan the .dd file and also no partitions show up. I do not know what else to try at this point. Hope you could point me to the right course of action to take.
Many thanks.


It could be encrypted. Some phones encrypt the data on the SD cards as well.
What's the model of phone?


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The model of the pphone is Asus zenphone 8 flip running android 13, I've tried inserting a new SD card and it didn't encrypt that card or anything, in fact I couldn't even find a way to actually encrypt the sd card.