Might Want to Change Your Password (Security Alert)


Staff member
No need to panic, there hasn't been any data breach here just yet. In the coming weeks, I'll be migrating this forum away from phpBB to a new platform entirely. Switching it to Xenforo if you are curious.

Due to the switch, I'll be employing the help of a third party that'll be migrating all existing content between the databases. Because they'll have root access to the forum database, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

I don't expect any issues, the company came highly recommended to me. But, since someone outside my office will have access, it might be a good time for you all to [glow=red]make sure you didn't recycle any important passwords and use them here on this forum[/glow]. Just in case the other company has any security leaks.

Thanks again for being valued members here! :D