Laminar Flow Clean Bench needed

Do anyone have for one for sell ?? Or means of getting one to Nigeria.. I have really tried getting it online, but so much shipping barriers..


Bankole Oladoja":b3zhgtkd said:
No I can't.. But wouldn't mind if Larry can help.
I'd be happy to help, but that's a little difficult to do, given the distance between Ottawa, Canada, and Nigeria. If you have a cabinet maker nearby, or someone handy with word-working tools, perhaps they could make and assemble the cabinet for you. Someone in the UK wanted me to build and ship one to them but the shipping cost simply makes it economically unfeasible. I even looked into the possibility of making it from honeycombed plastic sheeting but it isn't strong enough and is very expensive. Sorry.
Thanks Larry, really appreciate your concern. I might have to bear the expensive shipping cost from USA, which is twice the cost of the Laminar Flow..
@abedalkareem, don't really believe in Chinese products, except you have used their products and sure of the quality.


Have you thought on a used one? I got mine like this,
Actually, I believe my local hospital is willing to sell one. Could you be interested?