Just a regular guy looking for a hand on repairing a Motorola Tablet!

Don't Lose Your Data Forever!

DIY data recovery has risks. You could lose your data forever! Don't want to risk it? Talk to a professional now.


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Hi! My name is Charlie and I live in Columbus, Ohio. Im 30 years of age and have been tinkering lightly on electronics for 10 years. I love all sorts of tech and all the sorts that come with it, games, everything. I've come to a place where I am unfamiliar. I have corrupted my /data and /cache partitions on a Motorola Xoom 32G Tablet (Wi-fi only version - MZ604) The tablet reset mid flashing of a custom rom. Since then I have had a corrupt /data and /cache partition and are unable to mount them in anyway. I really want this to bea learning experience rather than just purchasing a new board. So ive come here to see if I anyone has the knowledge. Thank you all for helping me get to this point! Nice to be herre!



You need to recover data, or write ROM again?
As for data recovery, you might have lost it, since probably data is encrypted and if the OS doesn't but up it doesn't decrypt...


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What's up brother. I believe I need to write the room again... If you are reffwring to the stock like I don't even know if my language is correct it might be misleading. I imagined the ROM was built ontop of the like internal memomory and they were separate. I have been under the imperssion that I corrupted the like base base foundation of the motherboard or something. As because I am unable to flash any roms. Like nothing, both in fastboot and adb and custom recovery. Just fail to mount /data and /cache in recovery and adb I don't even know I flash everything in fastboot ode and all seems well it it just remains the same as far as the boot logo and the recovery atleast to s everything I've seen. Let me give you a forum I posted in on XDA. I'm the last post. It's 2 pages. So at least that's a plus. Anyway here she is.
https://forum.xda-developers.com/showth ... 670&page=2