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For those interested I changed it around a bit:

At some point JpegDigger RAW > JPEG was moved to JPEG-Repair and then there was no more JpegDigger. Few months forward: I needed a no thrills JPEG carver and since then I have added functionality. Thought it needed a name and I decided to recycle the name JpegDigger. Confusing eh? So from now on JpegDigger is a JPEG carver. Nothing really fancy and it's current shape and form are to fit my own needs.

The carver scans for JPEG magic numbers and TIFF based RAW photos.

If it detects JPEG:

- Rest of the file is parsed, following chain of JPEG markers so It can get some idea if we have a complete file + some level of error detection and correction (to at least a degree where it can be opened using a photo viewer/editor. I also have a few memory cards I tested against where it was able to defrag a few files following some simple rules of thumb.

- If TIFF based file:

It tries to grab the high res JPEG from that. Has been useful to me few times where the RAWs recovered (by ReclaiMe, R-Studio, PhotoRec etc. etc.) were corrupt and the high res JPEG was the next best thing. With many RAW types you should be able to get a full resolution JPEG.


If this is considered too 'spammy' let me know and I'll take it down.


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Joep":y41fos31 said:
[post]14455[/post] If this is considered too 'spammy' let me know and I'll take it down.
No, not at all. There's no ban on spamming data recovery software here if you're open and honest about the fact that you represent the company. I don't even mind if you want to post a link to your site.

What's banned it what companies like Stellar do. Pretending to be an end-user recommending a program or just shameless link dropping on unrelated threads.

We're fine with you using this forum to get feedback, post update logs, shout out new features, etc.


Thanks for posting this Joep, I've been looking for a more powerful jpg recovery tool. I don't have any cases in right now that need this but when I do I'll give this a shot, looks really promising!