HTS547575A9E384 IBM-ARM Corrupt NV-RAM

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michael chiklis":3jyn24tz said:
As i know, PC3000 has a bug that does only 50% ROM backup from Hitachi ARM drives, also MRT has this same bug.
I don't know if acelab corrected this bug in last update, maybe yes and this would give a sense on why now you get full rom dump if you recently updated it.

I compared both NVRAM copies in your rom, they are identical, so i don't think nvram is corrupted.
I would try to write entire 512 KB patient rom on donor PCB with external programmer, let me know if this solves the problem.
I did try both ROM sizes (512 and 256) but we still get the same issue. However am I right in thinking the ROM for these drives is pretty much generic, it is only the NV-RAM which is unique. So using another ROM with the exiting NV-RAM might work?
I uploaded a pic on my previous post after you replied, so i post it again
ROM comparing.jpg

256 Kb size rom should be the same of first half 512 Kb rom, but it isn't.
Something is wrong in ROM!


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Looks lie the full size ROM is the correct ROM at the FW is 5BB. Not sure what happened to the shortened version. It may be that the ROM is corrupt as the board was burnt out when it arrived. I will look at which ROM is on the drive now. Thanks for the help.


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Hey Michael, how do you like that Hex Workshop? Just the other day I was thinking that I need to look for a better hex editor. I just find too many things annoying about WinHex and the one that comes with PC-3000 is too limited in functions.
michael chiklis":s1tn9u7h said:
Hi Jared,
Hex Workshop is my favorite hex program because it has a good file comparing function (it marks with different colours the differences).
It has also the 'Data Visualizer' option which i docked on left panel of program window, when i have to deal with corrupted JPG files it helps a lot for manually search empty holes location by fast scrolling down.
Also, Hex Workshop can be added into system right-click context menu, very useful for opening any file in hex with just two clicks, i like a lot this option because i can check file index very fastly.

However, i use also WinHex in some special case when i have to search or edit patterns inside drive partitions.
Hex Workshop is better for file editing but if you need to edit big files (as 1 GB size or more) then WinHex is definitely faster.