How to fix a swinging head clicking but not even leaving the parking bay?


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Hi, I'm very new to data recovery and facing an issue with a Seagate 2.5" hard drive 1TB (Part Number: 1RK172-568) whereby the swinging head is clicking but is doing so without leaving the parking bay. This makes me think no damage has been made to the platter but of course this has still to be proved (given I've now opened the bonnet) so I'm hoping data can be recovered in a way or another. But how do I go about with fixing the real issue? Can anyone watch the 13 seconds video below and offer a prognosis and advise some practical steps please? Many thanks. [bbvideo=560,315][/bbvideo]


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Running a HDD with the top cover removed is a sure-fire way to make it permanently unrecoverable. Especially since that is a Seagate Rosewood family drive which depends on the actuator pivot point screw to maintain parallel alignment with the platters.

(This screw right here)
Rosewood Missing Screw.jpg

It's not moving because that screw is missing and it's unable to pivot properly.

Airflow within HDDs is carefully designed for aerodynamics to control the slider fly height. NEVER!!!!! is a drive to be powered on with the top cover removed. Had those heads actually unparked, the data would be permanently ruined but the heads bouncing a thousand times per second on the platters.

Please, close it up and get it to an actual professional. You have no idea just how far over your head it is to repair this.