How to Clone a Hard Drive With Bad Sectors Using ddrescue

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You should download the latest version of ssd rescue here, or click here to download SystemRescueCD, a system rescue disk for Linux that can be used as a bootable USB stick or CD.
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can someone write me the proper command to use if i want to make an image file of an m2 drive first (into some random folder on a USB3 external drive) and later maybe clone the image on some other m2 drive?(its not the older sata m2). and can i later mount the image file for reading and extraction too then?
i have had so many issues already that i cant even concentrate on these commands anymore lol :s

or i just enter some generic code in there and i can be sure that it doesnt write the whole external drive over with the image file?:w
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so now i tried this a bit and immediately noticed probably the same exact stuff that i was trying to ask about...

there is no need to install hwinfo, because i got most of the very useful info with these commands:
lsblk -f
sudo fdisk -l

and if i want to get a direct copy from disk to disk, then i have to write the log file on a 3rd usb stick, which should be written as an actual mount point, not the device or disk name? (aka /media/.../rescue.log; and not /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 or anything?)

what does the -f and -d flag actually do?
and what do i do if i get some number of read errors with an ssd? did it still copy the data and then it just reports the error or did it not read it and just discarded it or smth?


okay... if this thread is actually outdated couple of yeas, can i just run a 2nd pass with superclone then? (even after rebooting?)
or use superclone to make 1 pass image file to save all files and then just use the new drive to install a fresh copy of win on it?
aparently the old one did have some bad sectors or smth...


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