Hitachi Headmap HDS721616PLAT80

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Hi Guys

I have this old Hitachi here that had a head crash and the top platter is damaged. I wanted to to a headmap on NVRAM, but after I change everything to 00 and save, it doesn’t save (after power off/on).

This models have any specifications??


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Head map "E6 ?"

try to replace the PCB, maybe the serial flash where the NVRAM/ROM is stored is faulty and cant write to it ?!
you can also try to remove the chip and try to use an external programmer (to check out why/if it not accepting the changes)


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I think there are certain HGST/Hitachi drives that PC-3000 can't properly read/edit the head map. Luke has posted some strange anomalies about this in the past too.

If you really want to edit the head map you may have to figure out how to do it manually.