HGST / Hitachi Headswap Experiences

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Jared":3cmsj2qa said:
DigitalVeriKurtarma":3cmsj2qa said:
Best topic ever I saw . Thanks for all sharing.

I have tested before (as I remember)

3200LPVX and LPCX . Maybe 3 try was compatible. But not noted all info. If head number same , also BEVT and BPVT compatible as I remember. I will add my experience later. (I haven't checked familes when tried them. Only checked model numbers)

I need advice about 5000BEVT. couldn't find donor for long time. (I am looking cheap donors lol. I usually collecting donors very very cheap prices ) What do you think about 7500BKPT . Both has 4 heads. I will try It after reading this topic.

You are talking about WD drives. This thread is about Hitachi/HGST head swap experiences. The one for WD drives is here:

Also you might be interested in these two topics as they tell you a lot about how to cross models and even families with WD:

Thanks. Useful 2 pages