HGST / Hitachi Headswap Experiences

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Best topic ever I saw . Thanks for all sharing.

I have tested before (as I remember)

3200LPVX and LPCX . Maybe 3 try was compatible. But not noted all info. If head number same , also BEVT and BPVT compatible as I remember. I will add my experience later. (I haven't checked familes when tried them. Only checked model numbers)

I need advice about 5000BEVT. couldn't find donor for long time. (I am looking cheap donors lol. I usually collecting donors very very cheap prices ) What do you think about 7500BKPT . Both has 4 heads. I will try It after reading this topic.

You are talking about WD drives. This thread is about Hitachi/HGST head swap experiences. The one for WD drives is here:

Also you might be interested in these two topics as they tell you a lot about how to cross models and even families with WD:

Thanks. Useful 2 pages


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Sorry for digging this up. I have this 2 clicking drives. 2 different cases. Both of them got Head Swap but got Abort Error upon Utility Initialization. Cannot ID

After head swapping the Drive Spins normally. However no sounds from the heads
Can the error be because of the Head compatibility???

Here are BAD ONES

Here are its donors