HddSurgery-Tools Too Expensive even for data recovery experts


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Hello everyone,

We are opening this topic to write and discuss about data recovery tools from [glow=red]Link Removed by Admin[/glow].
HddSurgery provides professional data recovery tools for hard drives.

We cover all steps in physical data recovery operation and provide best equipment that will help data recovery companies to improve their clean room techniques and data recovery processes. Our tools also proven useful in the field of computer forensics.

Our product's categories are:

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We will introduce new products here and talk about old ones.
Every suggestion, review, good or bad critic for HddSurgery tools is welcome.

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Welcome. The arrangement of the boxes in that picture is as precise as your tools (which I would dearly love to have but cannot yet afford). Keep up the excellent work!


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Is that teak wood that you used to make the boxes? Not to be critical, but perhaps if you used a nice cheap Styrofoam box instead Larry could afford the tools. Or maybe I could too. :)


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@Jared Hahaha, but we want Larry and everyone to have best quality boxes, so we choose wood, as it is elegant solution ;)
@Larry We hope that you will be able to see boxes at your working table some day :)
@pclab Thanks :)

Read about Spindle motor inside the HDD, at our blog section.

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Photo: Spindle motor configuration (DiamondMax 10): Stator core, platter carrier, rotor axle, platter tier

Also, take a look at our [glow=red]Links removed by admin[/glow]. Coming soon! :)

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''...When was the first time you heard about HddSurgery company?

I do not remember when, but I have a colleague from UK talk to me about how good the quality is and I decided to give it a try. I always invest in good quality equipment which will give us the best result possible.

I do not like average solutions or tools that -might- work. I ordered the first set of tools, gave them a try and since then we have bought all tools and work with them every day

Read the rest of the interview with Dimitris Loulis from [glow=red]Links removed by admin[/glow] on [glow=red]Links removed by admin[/glow] :)

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''...introduction of fluid bearings haven't completely eliminated all possibilities for the motor failures during HDD operation. Currently, the biggest problem in this area is jammed spindle into bearing housing. This defect occurs mostly due to shocks or falls of HDD during operation. Hard drives from the Seagate 7200.11 and 7200.10 families are especially prone to this type of malfunction...''

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