HDDSurgery Review | Why No One Should Buy Them


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What would really be great is for some data recovery shops to pool resources and get some models for 3D printers made up so people can share them. There's no reason some printed plastic can't put the need for expensive head swap tools to rest.
Shame on you! That's what the Chinese do. If you don't like their prices, buy Apex Tools or design and make your own. There's enough IP being stolen already.
I don't think he was suggesting copying their tools, just modeling some open source ones anyone can use.

I've actually been considering this, but to get the necessary tolerances it's have to be printed on an SLA printer such as the Form 2. Plastic extrusion isn't precise enough. SLA printers tend to be more expensive, so it's not necessarily a big savings.

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I knew after a few posts hddguru has become loaded with members who do data recovery for a bussines. They were trying to gaslight me. Not dimitry himself never met the guy before but others.