HDDStockRoom.com - cloud service for donor drives inventory


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After added https:// the new version Android app supports Android over 5.0. We're Trying to decide this issue
IOS app isn't updated yet, asap.


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It's good to hear that users will have the option to make a copy of their database and use it with other software.


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Congratulations on the launch of HddStockRoom.com! It's great to see a new project that aims to serve the data recovery community and offer free services. I appreciate your transparency about the conditions of your platform. It's good to know that users can make a copy of their database at any moment and use it in any other software. It's also promising that you are planning to develop sales on the platform. One suggestion I have is to consider adding more features to your platform over time, based on feedback from users and market demand. At least, this is what the guys from ******* did after their launch. It worked out great! I think HddStockRoom.com has a lot of potential. I wish you success with your project!
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