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Those who work in data recovery field, and do the job for real, know how much research it takes. More than once they might have wished to realize their own, personally designed, tool. Well…EDR Tools did it.

F.L.A.M.E. is the first AHCI compatible data recovery tool in the world working at a SATA III native mode and the first tools completely design and developed in Europe.
It presents firmware specific utilities for the latest drives made by:
and a clone utility for physical copy drive to drive and to file. The clonig speed is up to SATA III 6Gb/sec (when supported by the drive).
Other features: copy managing bad sectors and skipped sectors maps and head map to skip damaged surfaces.

We're on hand for any further information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Nice to have another official representative join our forum. I've lifted your restrictions so you can post announcements, stickies, etc. on this forum in the EDR section.

I don't think many of us have ever tried your tools, so the more you can tell us about its features the better.


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Yes I think a few of us are wondering about this. I also find it strange that the only user on hddguru forum who claimed to have used your tool is a user named IRS.

This username also appeared here the same day as this post, making me wonder if its actually someone from your company.


REL date 02nd April 2014

Or newer update were not published on the site.

I ll not say it's good or bad, as i have never saw one in RL and never tryed it too.
Hope to meet someone one day that is using this tools and talk about it !


hi everyone,
i'm happy to clarify a little :)
our company name is micro management srl and is based in Italy we started electronic repair business in 1999 (www.mmicro.it) in 2003 we began to offer data recovery services with the name of International Recovery Service (IRS).
in 2004 with some friends we founded the Global Data Recovery alliance http://www.globaldra.org/contact.html, like anyone i sarted with ace's products; after i bought Deepspar and SalvationData products ... from 2008 we are reseller for SD such us for clean benches, trainings and physical tools.
in these last years SD has totally stopped R&D and so i was looking for a new partner and that's how i started to use EDR Tools product, i became beta tester and now we are their DR service, as they needed a laboratory working not with law enforcement only in order to have a wider number of cases to improve their software.
i hope i didn't make you boring reading such a long post, but i agree that there was a need to explain a little, anyway i'm happy to join this forum as a DR specialist using different tools and not only as "EDR friend".
feel free to ask any other info and i'll be glad to reply :)


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I just wonder how in good conscience you can sell SD tools when you know what real tools should work like. The first and last set I sold was the set I bought for myself and pitched onto ebay. (at least the person who bought them got a deal and won't lose much when they throw em back on there)


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Anyway, that issue aside. Can you perhaps post on here some screenshots of the program in use so we can get some actual idea of it's functions???

Seems like the company is shrouded in mystery which doesn't give any of us that warm fuzzy feeling of making a secure $10,000 purchase.


well about SD i don't think they were crap when i started selling them i used a lot hd doctors for seagate on older barracudas for example, the problem is in these last years they don't update anymore ...
about the screenshots, i will upload some and some info, i only ask you to wait few days, as i'm not i Italy in my office untill next week, but i'll be very glad to upload them when i'm back.
i think there's no mistery but simply this company is new and not known, i understand your point of view, for me was easy it took less than 1 hour by car to go and meet them and see the tool :)