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Simply type in the Model, P/N, DCM, etc. to search various sources for the drive you need.

Current list of sites searched: (I don't think this one is actually indexed by Google) (just added - good catch jol)
as well as some ebay stores.

If you know of any other sites you'd like added just let me know. :D


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Looks like that one is also searching through some blogs. Get's more results that way, but less accurate results. This is a custom search I put together myself. I don't know where that other one came from.


A "Donor drive" is a drive you buy to take parts from, such as heads or PCB... you would use these parts to repair a patient drive enough to recover data


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Yes, think of it like an organ donor. Only not the organ donors in civilized nations who wait for the people to die first before harvesting their organs. We're more like the black market organ dealers who kill the subject because we suspect the part is a match for the patient we're trying to heal. Fortunately they're just hard drives we kill as donors.


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LarrySabo":1hw1nugs said:
we only kill the donors if the patient is a DM series drive
would you reuse the donor drive to keep sensitive/valuable data on it, after you were done with it ? or should i say after finish it off ?
i don't think so !


@jol, it was a feeble attempt at humour. As a novice, I haven't done many HSA swaps but would have no hesitation in re-using donor heads if they were not obviously destroyed by patient media damage--which I understand is a common occurrence with DM series drives. But I could be wrong.