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Got a case with tons of music files, thousands of them, and there is quite a lot of unreadable sectors.

Question is, how does the DRE separate the good files from the bad files upon extraction ?

On drives with zero unread I would use R-Studio to extract from destination but this has too many unread for that.

The DRE does show the 'recoverability' of files but that would mean manually going through thousands of files checking/unchecking stuff before extracting. I know the 3K would just separate the junk into !Problem folder but surely there is a way for the DDI to do this ?
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In R-Studio you can select the option to "skip files with bad sectors" on the initial saving process. After that, what's left checked should be the files with bad sectors, so you can then save those files to a separate folder after unchecking that option.

At least, that's how I assume it's done. I don't do many cases with DDI so I'm not an expert on its usage.


I gave it a try today but it still pulls out corrupted files.

Its a shame the DRE can identify which files are corrupted, label them as such but not have any ability to save them - other than save the lot - mystifying :?: :?: :shock:



1. run the file verification
2. search and select files with the "high" attribute
3. save selected files to a folder
4. clear your selection
5. search and select files with the "medium" and "low" attributes
6. saved selected files to another folder

Alternatively, you save them all in a single folder, but generate two separate file listings based on selected files.

Although I've suggested to R-Studio that they make the information about the DDI recoverability useful, they just don't seem to care.


Ohhhh this is the missing information I needed :D :D :D Thanks so much Luke :cool:

Cant wait to try this out tomorrow, I knew there had to be a way, soooo pleased.

How are you generating file lists from DRE ?


...take note that the report always saves to the same file name in the project folder. I usually will rename it "good" or "damage" before I generate the alternate report.


I think that must be in the latest version as its not in mine (v4.41). Im just waiting for DeepSpar to initiate my upgrade request so I can be on the latest firmware and DRE (x64). Thanks Luke :D


All sorted running 4.60 firmware and DRE, must say its a marked improvement on 4.41, very happy with that upgrade.
Serge says there is another firmware upgrade about to be released soon :D
I'm definitely a fan boy of the DDI.

Thanks again for your help Luke, this has helped me polish the recovery process :cool: