Data recovery on ST8000DM004

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I dropped this drive while it was in its external enclosure and the drive wasn't able to be read by windows after. I removed the drive itself from the enclosure and connected it via sata to USB Bridge. Windows can read the drive but some sectors have become corrupted. It asks to initialize the drive but I'm not trying to do all that before knowing what I can actually pull or alternatively fix the bad sectors and the partition itself. I just want to backup the data on this drive if at all possible. Anyone have some ideas where I should start? I've tried using some programs to see if any data could be read but that turned up absolutely nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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1. Stop using a SATA to USB adapter. You should only work with it directly SATA connected (or better yet, with a tool like PC-3000, DDI, MRT, etc.) You are completely handicapped over a USB bridge.
2. It's probably asking to initialize because the original USB adapter was doing a sector size mutation from 512e to 4k sector size. It's typical of Seagate. Good data recovery software shouldn't care about the sector size and should still be able to detect the layout.
3. Before doing anything else to the drive you should clone it to a good, healthy drive. You should not do ANYTHING else before you have done this unless you want to lose the data forever. Short of a professional drive imaging tool, your best bet is ddrescue or hddsuperclone in Linux. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IMAGING IT IN WINDOWS!!! Linux handles bad sector drives much much much better than anything in Windows can. There is a ddrescue tutorial here on this post of the forum: how-to-clone-a-hard-drive-with-bad-sectors-using-ddrescue-t133.html