Clients who want HFS+ formatting for delivered data?

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How do you deal with this request? It seems almost all recovery tools are for Windows or Linux, this is how our shop is run at least. Do you use paragon hfs+? Do you have a seperate Mac just for this purpose? Curious as to how y'all handle it.

My perspective is that it is our job to recover the data, not to integrate it perfectly into the client's systems. For example, we recover PST files but it's the client's job to get those PST files into their Outlook program. Or we recover the raid array and spread the files across a couple disks, we aren't building them a custom RAID enclosure to replace their broken one. Etc.

To me, this is HFS+ since Macs can read NTFS-formatted partitions (and write?), we get the data to them, what they do with it afterwards is really on them.


I use MacDrive 10, and sometimes a MacMini, to format the drive. Have to be careful as some users may have "duplicate" files with the same filename but some letters with different case, and NTFS doesn't handle that.


We always return client data in the same format as we received it, with the exception of Linux file systems and special requests from the clients.

We have a couple of MacBooks and macdrive.