Can you repair corrupted QuickTime files?

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Hi. I was recording myself playing guitar the other night, and when I stopped the video, I saw that the file was corrupted. After looking at my hard rive space, I realized that it was because my computer ran out of space. The issue I'm having is that I do not understand why the file can have a file size and still be corrupted. Most of the data appears to be there, and yet it won't play.

Does anyone know anything about corrupted QuickTime files? The video was recorded using the Mac Photo Booth software. The annoying thing is, the video is basically the right size for the length of video, so what must have happened is a few minutes before I turned off the recorder, the computer ran out of space, and could not encode any more data. What I don't understand is why the file is not playable up to the point where the data ran out, if that makes sense.

Anyways, I did not know which area of the forum to post this. Are there any types of software that could make the video playable? Thanks for any advice.


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So the file was likely never finalized. Once you finish recording a file and it is saved there is some metadata added that tells players things like the length of the video clip, etc. Since the saving process was interrupted by the full drive situation, the metadata never got finalized and any player will probably think it's a 0.0 second long clip.

Try using this program:

It'll probably be easiest if you copy the corrupted file to a thumb drive so it doesn't have to scan the whole drive. It should be able to detect the video stream and build a functional file.