Brute Force Through WD Password Protection

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Data Extractor has no issue detecting if the user pass is the correct one just by comparing it to the hash code included with the eDEK.

I haven't figured that out exactly, but it's only a matter of spending the time. If necessary I've got a few computer programmer / mathematician / Rain Man friends who could figure it out in no time.


what I mean is, how to know all the parameters and algorithms on the left of the equation that truly equals the right side. Kind of hard to explain, but simplified:

algo(A) = C where A is the user input, C is the answer.

lets say C= "222" and the algo is {input + input}

A = 111
algo(111) = "222" so password is correct.

but whats say we don't know the algo.

to know A + B = C, we HAVE to know at least 2 parameters in the equation

we might find C, but how to derive the actual input?