Ask : good tool match for solder/unsolder micro usb harddrive.


Dear all,

Ask : good tool match for solder/unsolder micro usb harddrive.

48Watts or 75 Watts on solder tool is match for solder and unsolder micro usb harddrive ?

This is Hakko tool i need to have ?
please somebody help me to find good tool for case need to solder/unsolder micro usb.

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That Hakko station should work fine, just be sure you're buying the full station, not just the iron (which won't work by itself). That link is only to an iron, not a full station.

However, for removing/replacing parts like that, hot air rework might work better. It's pretty hard to remove 8+ contact points all at once with an iron. Hot air is much easier for the removal part of the process.

For the cost of a simple Hakko station, you can get a setup like this from a cheaper brand like Aoyue: ... :rk:3:pf:0

If you want to get into the really small stuff, like iphone board repair, then you might need a smaller iron like the Hakko, but just for HDD PCB stuff an Aoyue station with some 900M-T-1C tips is usually small enough to work.


hi Jared,

this your link with brand like Aoyue seems good. (but i afraid with quality) :)

o yes you r right need hot air workstation for unsolder micro usb. but for case need solder back maybe i like micro solder than hot air workstation.
please somebody give me suggestion which item i need to buy on this hakko brand
(sometimes we got case with shorting led pin on micro usb so i need thin eye of solder) .


Hot air is the way to go for removal, but for soldering yes a microsoldering pen and a microscope is the way to go



yes nuno : you r right i need a microscope ( i use this digital microscope for micro solder working ).
but now i need to buy good tool for micro solder. (i hear hakko very good tool). but i dont know which need to buy.

somebody know when we do micro solder (pin micro usb ext hdd) then we need calibrate 300 celcius or 350 celcius ? ----> when we need to solder. (not un solder).


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