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Dear colleagues! Glad to present you our catalog: https://apextoollab.com/search
It's beta version. Now WD is completed on 90%, Seagate 60%. We will try to complete it as soon as possible.
Also you can use it like Hdd family identifier.

If you have some comments or suggestions write please.
ApexToolLab":198k2mqi said:
Amarbir[CDR-Labs said:
i searched for ST500DM002 this showed the following also -> https://apextoollab.com/c_type/sea_11es2lp_4.html are you sure this tool works on this please
Now the searcher works only with family. You need to compare quantity of platters and choose a tool. In your case SEA 9/10/11/12 1
When DB will be completed there will be shown platters suitability.

if i have understood your reply i take the answer as NO right .