Advice needed on a snapped Micro SD card.

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My phone fell hard and flat on his back side yesterday night.

He overheated and i didnt though much of it and shut him down and went to sleep.

In the morning while searching for a particular picture i saw that my Micro Sd 64GB evo+ wasnt detected on my device, did a check up of the phone and tried in/out multiple time, anyway, the real problem isnt really that.

I digged a card reader to try and find the card but it seemed like nothing worked, tried to put it out to try again and when i slightly pushed it back inside, the card snaps clean so i guess there was some sort of damage done by the shock and my big dumb hands finished the job.

I already contacted a professional data recovery center to save it but i need advice and hopes for that matter cause it contain literally 5 years of life with my girlfriend and most of all, my early dying dog lifetime of pictures.

Whats your idea on the break ?


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Here are more detailed photos.


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Most likely not going to be recoverable, but a professional would need to take a look at it. They'll determine which part of the chip is broken whether controller side of board or memory side (each chip is different). Most cases (from my experience someone might say otherwise) any of these sd cards that are broken are extremely difficult to work with and success is not too high.


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Okay ..
I keep my finger crossed that a labo will be able to do something..

I saw some more damaged card and some people on Youtube getting back all the data so i dont know..

Thanks for the advice guys !