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Bit locked "D" drive recovery

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:03 am
by robin.tomaz
I was running windows 7 ultimate, and bitlocked my "D" drive, I have the password and the key saved separately, upon some ribbon fault on the laptop monitor display, took to a technician and the technician formatted my drive and installed windows 7 home premium, so now I have two operating systems one the old one and then the new one. The tech said I have all my files on the old, but when I checked this thing is no more and my drive is not bitlocked anymore and the bit-lock icon is missing and none of my files are there . Tried several software's but when it was time that it prompted for a bitlock password and I did put the password which I have, but it says error . Password invalid.. or sometimes it just stops the operation after hours of scanning. Can anybody expert in this provide a solution? I really need help , because of all the years of hard work is stored in that drive.
Appreciate anyone giving me a hand in this, and Thank you for reading this.