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Latest Windows Update Nightmares

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:40 pm
by Jared
So this seems to be a new phenomenon since I updated Windows this afternoon. We all know it's not uncommon for data recovery software to eat up a monster amount of RAM building virtual filesystems. In the past, the computer would just get really slow if the RAM got maxed out, but you could still limp along enough to open task manager and kill the offending program if you needed to.

Today, it has a new trick up its sleeve. Instead of getting slow when the RAM hits max capacity, it now just nukes all running programs, uninstalls your graphics driver and logs you off the computer. It never reboots, but once you log back in, it's like you've just booted up (minus your graphics driver which is now totally missing and needs to be reinstalled).

Had this happen twice today. :roll: