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ST2000LM007 - Terminal Diag - SMART Reset

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 4:58 pm
by bsuperfly
I'm hoping that a kind soul with more expertise than I might throw me an assist. I'm no expert, but believe I should be able to manage resetting SMART on a Seagate ST2000LM007. I picked up a PL2303HX USB-TTL RS232 Arduino off eBay, but am having difficulties with getting terminal T>. Based on my research, the pin config for the diag port should be:
| Pwr | GND | TX | RX | - |SATA| - |PWR|

So, I've connected my pins accordingly; using 38400 8N1 None with Realterm, and have played around with multiple pin configs. I just can't seem to get to T> no matter what. About the best I'll manage is either a locked session that is unresponsive, or depending on the config it will spit a bunch of garbled data (in ascii- hex will display characters).

Wondering if my usb-ttl is junk, or rather inappropriate for this job.

Prolific USB-TTL pin scheme
- Red: + 5V
- Black: Ground
- Green: RXD
- White: TXD

Hoping someone can steer me towards the right config with the hardware I have, or steer me towards what I need to purchase. I have 2 Seagate drives (ST2000LM003 & ST2000LM007) that I'd like to reset SMART on. I've tried to include the pertinent information in the pics.

Thank you so much!

ST2000LM007 - Terminal Diag - SMART Reset

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:46 pm
by Jared
Looks like your settings are correct, but perhaps your Rx / Tx wires are shorting out to each other??? In that picture, it looks like you've got uninsulated terminators that are touching each other.

Also, TTL adapters are very cheaply made in most cases. Out of 5 that you buy one or two will often show up DOA and never work right. And if you short out any voltage to the Rx or Tx even for a second it'll usually ruin the adapter. I usually keep five or six extra on standby just for that reason.

ST2000LM007 - Terminal Diag - SMART Reset

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:04 pm
by bsuperfly
Thank you very much for your feedback, Jared! I had to peel the insulators off the wire ends as they wouldn't fit in the port. I'm going to pick up a [url]new one ... Sw8b1Z~MSJ[/url]. I've read that cp2102 might be a better match for the RX/TX voltage on these drives.

Additionally, I've read that the Rosewood drives has some sort of terminal lock. Are you aware of any workarounds for this?

Obviously, I'm not in "the business", however, I am technically inclined. I just happened to ruin 2 of my drives, performing a Secure ATA Erase and suffered a power outage. The SMART has been tripped on both, but they should both be perfectly sound mechanically. And, I'm hoping I can simply get it reset.

Thanks again for your feedback. Be well,

ST2000LM007 - Terminal Diag - SMART Reset

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:20 pm
by jol
bsuperfly wrote:Source of the postI should be able to manage resetting SMART on a Seagate ST2000LM007.

1. why would you ?
2. terminal might be locked

ST2000LM007 - Terminal Diag - SMART Reset

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:34 pm
by bsuperfly
Ok, so I believe I need to reset SMART based on the following. As I do not have a terminal on this drive, the tools that I am using are the Seachest git. Here is my process up to this point. Note: BIOS recognizes drive. Windows recognizes drive. Disk Management prompts me to Initialize the Disk, and to give it a partition table MBR/GPT. Selecting either options gives me "Data Error (cylic redundancy check)".

Notice in drive information: "SMART Status: Tripped & ATA Security Information: Supported." I believe that I've been able to clear the password of the previous Secure ATA Erase attempt. As I understand it, if it were locked due to password... that field would say: "Supported, Frozen".

<Drive Information>

<Command> seachest_basics -d PD1 -i

\\.\PhysicalDrive1 - BUP Slim - 2HC015KJ - ATA
Model Number: BUP Slim
Serial Number: 2HC015KJ
Firmware Revision: 0304
World Wide Name: 5000C5009BF838CC
Drive Capacity (PB/PiB): 144.12/128.00
Temperature Data:
Current Temperature (C): Not Reported
Highest Temperature (C): Not Reported
Lowest Temperature (C): Not Reported
Power On Time: Not Reported
Power On Hours: Not Reported
MaxLBA: 281474976710653
Native MaxLBA: Not Reported
Logical Sector Size (B): 512
Physical Sector Size (B): 512
Sector Alignment: 0
Rotation Rate (RPM): 7200
Form Factor (inch): Not Reported
Last DST information:
Not supported
Interface speed:
Max Speed (Gb/s): 6.0
Negotiated Speed (Gb/s): Not Reported
Annualized Workload Rate (TB/yr): Not Reported
Total Bytes Read (B): Not Reported
Total Bytes Written (B): Not Reported
Encryption Support: Not Supported
Cache Size (MiB): Not Reported
Read Look-Ahead: Enabled
Write Cache: Enabled
Low Current Spinup: Disabled
SMART Status: Tripped
ATA Security Information: Supported
Firmware Download Support: Full, Segmented
Specifications Supported:
SATA 3.0
Features Supported:
SATA Software Settings Preservation
SATA Device Initiated Power Management
Power Management
SMART [Enabled]
48bit Address
EPC [Enabled]
SCT Write Same
SCT Error Recovery Control
SCT Feature Control
SCT Data Tables

<Does the drive respond to 'Ready'>

<Command> seachest_basics -d PD1 -s

\\.\PhysicalDrive1 - BUP Slim - - ATA

<Disable ATA Security Password from previous attempt>
<Command> SeaChest_Erase --device PD1 --disableATASecurityPW user

\\.\PhysicalDrive1 - BUP Slim - 2HC015KJ - ATA
Security Feature is not enabled. Nothing to do.
Successfully disabled ATA security password!

<Attempt Secure ATA Erase>
SeaChest_Erase -d PD1 normal --confirm I-understand-this-command-will-erase-all-data-on-the-drive

\\.\PhysicalDrive1 - BUP Slim - 2HC015KJ - ATA
Secure Erase
Setting ATA Security password to "SeaChest"
Failed to set ATA Security Password. Cannot erase drive.

<Attempt to see SMART Attributes>
<Command >SeaChest_Info -d PD1 --smartAttributes raw

\\.\PhysicalDrive1 - BUP Slim - 2HC015KJ - ATA
Error retreiving the logs.
A failure occured while trying to get SMART attributes

<Another direct SMART Check>

<Command>SeaChest_SMART -d PD1 --smartCheck

\\.\PhysicalDrive1 - BUP Slim - 2HC015KJ - ATA
SMART has been tripped!

<Attempt to disable SMART altogether>

<Command>SeaChest_SMART -d PD1 --smartFeature disable


\\.\PhysicalDrive1 - BUP Slim - 2HC015KJ - ATA
A failure occurred while trying to configure SMART feature

ST2000LM007 - Terminal Diag - SMART Reset

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:40 pm
by jol
bsuperfly wrote: Drive Capacity (PB/PiB): 144.12/128.00
MaxLBA: 281474976710653

to bad the drive isn't working
from the other hand, it might be: