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Trascend SSD220 failure, how to recover data?

Mon Apr 19, 2021 4:19 pm

Hi mates, I confess I'm quite shocked.. how can an SSD fail at the next reboot without any sign/notification and without leave you the chance to recover data? That's at least horrible.. and if you have important datas there.. well, it's crazy!!

It happened to my friend, I've installed hime 3 years ago this disk and yesterday he called me, "here it writes disk error after Bios screen"..
I'm trying to recover it by ddrescue, I'm using -d -f -r1 -n and save all to an image file, but after reading fast the first 27 MB (yessterday, today only 16MB) the reading doesn't proceed, it goes "locked".. like the SSD doesn't answer and I don't know why ddrescue doesn't try to skip to next sector. Using the -R parameter made me save 647MB and then it goes "frozen" again (now I?m waiting 1,5hours and the numers still the same). It' a pity that ddrescue doesn't support thsi difficulties, showing what it is doing even if the disk is not responding.. (I used direct mode too..
The disk is connected to an external USB reader now, so I've changed the power without having positive results.

The manifacturer software SSD Scope is not reavealing the SSD.. and that's amazing too.. the SSD is there, connected (111 GB RAW), probably with a corrupted firwmare.. but even if the manifacturer software is able to identify its own HDD.. mean that Transcet here has a big problem.

I have some questions:
- ddrescue is the best way to recover an SSD? there is any other valid way/software deigned for SSD?
- change the working temperature has any improvement?
From the Cristal Disk SMART test I see some strange values, even the name of the Disk, but it writes good conditions

I really hope you can help me teaching what I can do now, thank you a lot

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