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Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:28 pm

Jared wrote:
nissimezra wrote:Source of the post Wix almost building the site for you. yes its slow but still usable for most of small businesses like mine. I started with wix and worked just fine.

For a small coffee shop or computer repair shop that only gets local business, sure, something like Wix is fine. But, some companies need to be able to compete in a larger market and need a better SEO website with more frills than you can get with those sort of builders. I started off my website using Weebly (similar but pre Wix) but I quickly found it wasn't adequate to compete in data recovery where companies on the other side of the country were beating me even for local keywords. So now I've got a website, blog, forum, online store, etc. to prove my relavence to Google.

Yeh for sure I agree but still it's not the same as it use to.
Whatever you do good luck man

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