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what is the algorithm that harbormaster used to wipe the HDD , and how could you mange to recover the wiped data it is Possible??


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First off, don't trust what the article quotes me as saying. I didn't say any of that. I think that was their own IT person trying to paraphrase what I said.

Only certain folders (ones containing work stuff they wanted back) were wiped, and those couldn't be recovered. They were moved to the recycle bin first, which is how I could tell when it was erased. But then the recycle bin was wiped. The other stuff was just recovered through RAW scanning the drive.
i see , always media adds some spices to there cooking cases and raise slogans "transparency and credibility", you said no thing and wort all this article what if you actually say something surly as PClab say's "will swim with fishes..." :)