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Hi Friends,,

I have a case WD5000BMVV-11A1CS0, it's USB 2.0 HDD not detect in computer manager
Fist step: I convert the USB PCB to SATA
it's get ready
I'm tring to decrypt it using PC3000 as usually
but in this case it message pop up requier to enter "password"
Is this mean that there is a user password?

I attacht pic link:
http://www.mediafire.com/view/37m47bpyg ... 016128.PNG


eng.mas":2r7k8a60 said:
Yes it's user password!
I got it from the client
Imaging now
it's amazing ACE.lab tools :)

Yes! Sometimes I take the tools for granted and then I am reminded how amazing Ace Labs tools are when a difficult recovery completes.


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Willing to share a photo of the Solder job? :) I enjoy seeing mad scientist work with the iron.

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Hello Friends :)

I have an historical problem with these USB boards

I mean the board of this WD5000BMVV-11A1CS0

and looks like I'm not alone --> https://forum.acelaboratory.com/viewtopic.php?t=9759

and I exactly mean when it comes the time to use a compatible SATA board ... and at this point it is the case to say : if any does exist

Could it be it is matter of some REV printed on the PCB?

I have bounces of the (supposed to be) equivalent/compatible 771672 but despite reading and writing the ROM from the USB board 701675
(that nastly results in briking the SATA board with consequent need to write a good ROM through COM)
or either moving the physical ROM IC

in either the cases the drive doesn't spin and does remain BSY

but most realistically because the board is now bricked, not compatible ROM code (looks evidently like)

Did you ever successfully have used a SATA board with a WD5000BMVV-11A1CS0 ?
If yes , kinldy, can you check what is its COMPLETE version ?

Thank you


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Did you try a 2060-771672-004 board? That's what most SATA version Mariner family drives seem to use. I know I've swapped a couple, but I don't have notes on exactly which board I used.

You might find that it helps to actually buy a SATA drive from that family and try using the PCB from that. Sometimes there are minor revisions between families even when the PCB rev is the same.