UFS Explorer Helps Make MRT-DE Useful

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Have MRT and...
- tired of long path issues?
- tired of no useful file system support?
- tired of lost file paths for damaged files?
- tired of not being able to image selected files and folders by map, rather than file by file?

A video demo of UFS Explorer working directly with a mounted DE task.


This is included in the latest update 8.2

* Support of MRT DE Tasks:
- Added option to load Task from context menu of virtual task disk mapped to OS;
- Loading source name/ID information from the Task file;
- Loading map of defects associated with the Task file;
- Control of disk imaging via running MRT software (by ranges, files, maps etc.);
* Open disk image file from MRT DE File Image chunks;
* Rework of NTFS scan procedure:
- In part of 'red' file systems - for memory use reduction;
- Exraction of some missing file system structure elements from Log File (Journal);
* In disk imager:
- Disabled bad blocks logging if defect block is emulated by the software;
- Fixed rounding issue when map cluster size is smaller then imaging sector size;
- Fixed bug with growing saved jump size (each time after tool restart);
* Fixed several bugs causing software crash.