Toshiba MQ04UBD200 compatible Heads compare

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Hello everyone,
i need to swap heads on a MQ04UBD200 patient drive.
I've a MQ04UBD200 donor drive, i need to know if in your opinion heads are compatible with the patient.

Donor drive is 37 months older than patient.
Donor Cyl num: 361612
Donor SPT: 3632

Patient Cyl num: 355807
Patient SPT: 3840


SPT 3840 CYL 355807 PATIENT.jpgSPT 3632 CYL 361612 DONOR.jpg
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HI there,

Have you succeeded in head swapping? I have same type of drive here and need head swap. Here are patient (left) and donor (right) which I should try to swap.


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Hi there
I am confirming that my donor match to patient. Drive initilzed no clicking noise but now I have error device error "AMN;INF. Is there any solution how to solve this problem for these SMR drives?
Thank you