ST9500423AS 500GB SIM Error 1002 RW Error MCTW FAIL

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Hello Everyone

I have this Seagate 500GB came in spinning normal and give the following log on Terminal and couldn't get any Terminal access.

LED:00000067 FAddr:00380338
LED:00000067 FAddr:00380338

So I attempted starting the Drive by setting MAX Head to 1, in ROM, the Drive has 3 Heads. On restarting the Drive gave full ID and was able to backup resources, also had partial access to Sectors. The Family is Desaru and FW is 0005DEM1.

Now I have the following Error display on Terminal

SIM Error 1002

I tried checking for system file 17A, but not present.

Any I dear on how to clear this will be appreciated.

Thank you.


Staff member
Did you disable things in system file 93 before you started attempting to image data? If not you probably corrupted some defect list.


Staff member
Your best bet is probably just to replace the heads and set the ROM back to original heatmap.


New member
I see they have added this feature in " Work With Flash ROM Image File " , But i do not know how to use this .I am on version 6.9.16 ,Is this the last built you folks are using