ST3000DM001 PN 1CH166-510 FW CC27 not detected in BIOS

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hello everyone,

I have Seagate ST3000DM001 PN 1CH166-510 FW CC27 hard drive disk.
It spins rather normally but it's not recognized in BIOS and there is no access to data.
I have got from other ST3000DM001 drive the same pcb board (100717520 rev B) and resoldered eeprom.
After new pcb installed nothing changed, disk is still not detected.
I have connected it to terminal using usb to RS232 TTL adapter and got some logs as follows.

at starting
Boot 0x40M
Spin Up

Spin Up

(P) SATA Reset

sometimes TCC code change at start.

heads resistance
F3 7>X
Head 00 Resistance 0102
Head 01 Resistance 013E
Head 02 Resistance 0160
Head 03 Resistance 0147
Head 04 Resistance 0155
Head 05 Resistance 0138

slip defects list
F3 T>V1
Head 0: entries C40 slips 874B
Head 1: entries 295 slips 4670
Head 2: entries 9A slips 28AE
Head 3: entries 21A slips 59AD
Head 4: entries F20 slips 6A76
Head 5: entries C19 slips 8C20
Total Entries 2CC2 Total Slips 246AC

system slip defects list
F3 T>V2
System Slip Defect List
log log log phys phys
LBA span cumm cyl hd sctr zn cyl sctr SFI
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 369EA 0 FFFFFFFF 0
62B42 151BE 151BE 0 1 0 1 35F9C 0 FFFFFFFF 77D00
C5684 151BE 2A37C 0 2 0 2 33524 0 FFFFFFFF EFA00
1281C6 151BE 3F53A 0 3 0 3 31711 0 FFFFFFFF 167700
18AD08 151BE 546F8 0 4 0 4 33C3C 0 FFFFFFFF 1DF400
1ED84A 151BE 698B6 0 5 0 5 2F271 0 FFFFFFFF 257100
25038C 151BE 7EA74 1B0 0 0 6 36B9A 0 FFFFFFFF 2CEE00
2B2ECE 151BE 93C32 1B0 1 0 7 3614C 0 FFFFFFFF 346B00
315A10 151BE A8DF0 1B0 2 0 8 336D4 0 FFFFFFFF 3BE800
378552 151BE BDFAE 1B0 3 0 9 318C1 0 FFFFFFFF 436500
3DB094 151BE D316C 1B0 4 0 A 33DEC 0 FFFFFFFF 4AE200
43DBD6 151BE E832A 1B0 5 0 B 2F421 0 FFFFFFFF 525F00

Head 0: entries 2 slips 151BE
Head 1: entries 2 slips 2A37C
Head 2: entries 2 slips 2A37C
Head 3: entries 2 slips 2A37C
Head 4: entries 2 slips 2A37C
Head 5: entries 2 slips 2A37C
Total Entries C Total Slips E832A

F3 T>V10
P List
phy phy log length
head cyl cyl in symb SFI flags
0 55D25 559C5 DC 8CDE4 80 scr fill
1 55F26 55BC6 23C1 26863 4 G to P
1 55F27 55BC7 23C1 26863 4 G to P
1 55F28 55BC8 23C1 26863 C G to P
1 55F29 55BC9 23C1 26863 4 G to P
1 55F2A 55BCA 23C1 26863 4 G to P
1 56011 55CB1 23C1 25A3D 4 G to P
1 56012 55CB2 23C1 25A3D 4 G to P
1 56013 55CB3 23C1 25A3D C G to P
1 56014 55CB4 23C1 25A3D 4 G to P
1 56015 55CB5 23C1 25A3D 4 G to P
Head 0 Entries: C36
Head 1 Entries: 297
Head 2 Entries: 94
Head 3 Entries: 225
Head 4 Entries: F73
Head 5 Entries: C3D
Total Entries: 2D36

Non-resident G-List
F3 T>V40
Nonresident GList 0 entries returned
Total entries available: 0
PBA Len Flags Phy Cyl Hd PhySctr SFI

I also have cleared smart data with N1 command but nothing changed (I have read earlier smart data with N5 command).
What else I can do to recover data from that disk?
Can it be an eeprom chip or firmware issue?
In few days I should have one more exactly the same ST3000DM001 PN 1CH166-510 with the same firmware CC27.
This drive has got bad sectors but is always properly recognized by system so it can be a donor.
Can I use the pcb board from it or resolder the eeprom chip and check in the patient drive?
Can it be useful or not?
I found information that every 7200.14 drive has got an unique firmware and it can be not possible to use the pcb (firmware) from another drive even if it has the same PN and similar SN.
Is that right?

After detection by system I would like to clone the disk sector by sector.

Any suggestions what I can do more to see the drive in BIOS?
I have usb to RS232 TTL adapter only.
I am counting on your help guys.

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