ShadowProtect SPX - VirtualBoot in Hyper-V

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Dear people in the biz of recovery.

I have an issue and I wonder if you can help me out with a bit of understanding or a solution.

I am using ShadowProtect SPX for my Backups, VirtualBoot for Recovery in a VM in Hyper-V
This is issue:

I did a trial with a Windows 10 VM full backup first. Agent has 20 GB hard Drive so I backup full. Send the images outside the VM and I used VirtualBoot to restore it with another name. The problem is, Windows 10 is not using the 20GB, it is jut around 9GB. When this is restored then it create a VirtualBoot of 20GB. my problem now is I have 2TB Hard Drive to Back Up, so Do I need to have 2TB + for recovering? is there any way to recovery one part of the image and the rest point to the images backups while I try to restore the hard ware. Besides, 2TB will take quite long to restore.

So for example, if I do incremental every 15 min and something happen to any server, can I restore the last image fast without taken the whole load of the backup. just the image while the rest point to the backup image. That is my question.

I tried the example of the 20GB and I used an incremental image of 237MB, I used VirtualBoot and restored it as Hyper-V VM but I checked the Hyper-V Hard Drive and I found that it restores the whole capacity

9 backup -> VB -> creates 20GB VDisk
2TB Backup > Virtual Boot -> do we need 2TB free storage ??
Why Not...
Backup file <- pointer allows to connect to Backup as virtual disk & boot

Please Any ideas, suggestions, advice, solutions.

best regards,



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I think you are in the wrong type of "data recovery" forum here. This forum isn't about restoring backups (that shouldn't even be called "data recovery"). This is a forum for data recovery professionals who deal with recovering failed HDDs, corrupt file systems, etc.