Seagate 4TB sata HDD bad sectors recovery question

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Hello Forum members,

I am having an issue with a seagate 4TB sata hdd(MN:ST4000DM000-1F2168,SN:Z304N25D) i bought online(don't remember whether it was used or refurbished??)that the "SMART" feature tested ~"OK" in Victoria disk utility ; however i keep getting disk is not ready errors after HDD regenerator scans for bad sectors (it also drops out of sight sporadically when attempting to correct bad sectors,delay problems!!)!!

what i would like to do is do a data recovery(software based recovery windows utility only!) or reformat operation but have been stifled by windows 7 explorer not responding,etc when attempting to recover any files via windows recovery software!?!?

I would like to know if the seagate bad sector problems are hdd platter surface defects or firmware/RW head related??


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The bad sectors themselves are a problem with spots on the platters. The drive getting stuck busy (causing Explorer to hang) and the drive dropping offline, is due to the drive's firmware malfunctioning when it's trying to re-allocate those bad sectors.

RobJ":2khmwhg0 said:
[post]17946[/post] software based recovery windows utility only!
This is probably a 100% road to failure. Windows can't handle a drive that keeps getting stuck busy. It just can't, so any program you try to use will have the same exact problem of freezing along with Windows. So short of buying a PC-3000, MRT, DFL or another expensive data recovery tool, you will fail if you try to do the recovery in Windows.

You might have some success at this point if you try using ddrescue or hddsuperclone in Linux though.